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What we do:

Our classes are designed to enhance the individual's life, as well as that of their families, by providing a coprehensive, step by step, martial arts program. Students learn that only with patience, endurance, and awareness, our society can improve and their training can focus their attention to a better living.​

Traditional martial arts were, at one time, a way of life. 

In modern times some of these arts are no longer "practical". However the more we conect with the past, the better we can understand our place in the world. 

To develop a successful martial art program we have also focused on enhancing the lives of our members by providing as much support as possible through our Nonprofit Public Benefit Corportation. 


Little Dragons 3-5 Year Olds:

Traditionally, little children were not allowed to participate in martial arts classes...from this there was a move by many to add a little kids class that eventually became a babysitting class with games, playtime, etc. Both are extremes. We believe in that teaching appropriate conduct, basic skills and excersices are a big part of a child's development. Our introductory program helps kids learn to focus, all while having fun.  


School Age 6-12 Year Olds: 

Children betweeen the ages of 6-12 learn and develop skill that will determine who they are as adults. It is our goal to help guide and teach the necesary skills to help the children develop into respectful, self-disciplined, well-rounded individuals. Our students learn how to lead a healthy life and focus on helping themselves and others. It is necesary for them to learn these skills during this crucial stage of development. 


Adolescents/Young Adults 13-18:

At this stage many adolescents in society, are growing independent but don't have the proper guidance to acheive their goals. Through our program, students will have the guidance and support they need to become beneficial members of society. Students who stick with the program are more likely to attend college and earn a degree.



Most adults join a martial arts class because they are inclined to learn and have an activity which they had an interest for when young, others because of the need for physical activity or self defense.

Consideration must be given to age, ability and students that join as adults are treated with respect and understanding of their ability.

Our classes not only cover most aspects of these needs; but also allow the individual to evolve and have the confidence to reach goals step by step. 

Physical, Psychological and emotional benefits are part of what an adult student obtains from joining our program.

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